In addition to our standard product lines, we offer custom equipment options to optimize the equipment for your application.




Sound Levels









Expensive site modifications, such as knocking down walls and expanded door openings, can often be avoided by designing equipment around your space constraints. We can also help free up valuable floor space with optimal configurations, and avoid transport issues with elevator and door openings. Equipment can be supplied on one skid or broken up into multiple pieces to allow for installations with limited access or tight space requirements. We can set up custom footprints for your equipment to meet your design requirements without compromising performance.

Custom Footprint is Desirable for:


• Transport Equipment without Site Modifications.

   Designed to Fit through Doorway, Entranceway and Elevator Door Openings


• Optimal Electrical/Control Panels Access / Meet NEC electrical codes


• Optimal Serviceability, Equipment designed around site access limitations


• Efficient Use of Floor Space


• Faster installation process with factory built and tested equipment

Equipment design variations and special low sound components are available to provide inherently quiet equipment, allowing HVAC installations in sound sensitive areas where conventional equipment would be prohibitive. This is accomplished through industry-leading fan technology, custom acoustical solutions, and low sound performing components. Factory testing ensures compliance to acoustical building codes, with testing completed before the unit is delivered to the job site. Options are available for varying acoustical requirements.

Low Sound Levels are Desirable for:


• Sound Sensitive Areas such as Operating Rooms, Classrooms, Cleanrooms etc.


• Installations Installed Adjacent to Residential Areas


• Equipment Installations Adjacent to Work, Factory Floor or Office Areas


• Meeting Local Sound Codes


• Avoiding Disturbances Caused by Equipment Sound Levels


• Where Attenuation Walls or Other Costly Measures can be Avoided

Corrosion resistance packages are available to protect equipment from many types of caustic environments. Four protection packages cover most applications, with other custom solutions available on request. Stainless steel construction, epoxy polymer coil coating, and coated refrigerant piping are commonly applied. Achieve lower cost of ownership, extended component life, higher performance, and reliability with the appropriate protection package.

Corrosion Resistance is Desirable for:


• Avoid 3rd Party or Field Modifications, Reducing Applied Cost

   Equipment Designed and Factory Built with Appropriate Protection


• Corrosive Environment Shortens the Life of Equipment

   Lower Cost of Ownership / Life Cycle Cost


• Corrosive / Contaminated Airstreams / Ammonia Systems


• Coastal Locations / Offshore Platforms & Vessels


• Petrochemical Environments


• Quality Assurance found with Single Manufacturer’s Warranty


• All Components Designed to Meet Requirements down to Paint, and Fasteners


• Available on Chillers, Condensing Units, Condensers, Fluid Coolers, and Coils

Explosion proof packages provide safe solutions for dangerous environments with hazardous or flammable materials. Packages include NEC compliant features, explosion proof crankcase heaters, intrinsically safe barriers, sealed arch components, and through door switches and buttons. Several options are available to meet your demanding requirements.

Explosion Proof is Desirable for:


• Avoid 3rd Party or Field Modifications, Reducing Applied Cost

   Equipment Designed and Factory Built with Appropriate Protection


• Factory Environment with Combustible Dust, Ignitable Fibers, or Filings


• Grain Elevators & Mills / Textiles / Metals Processing


• Petrochemical / Oil & Gas / Mining / Power Plants


• Quality Assurance found with Single Manufacturer’s Warranty


• Available on Chillers, Condensing Units, Condensers, Fluid Coolers

Refrigerant circuiting, compressor selection, and capacity control can be customized to ensure reliable and efficient operation for your application. Benefits include the ability to control multiple loads with different load profiles with one piece of equipment. Efficiencies increase when equipment operates closer to full-load. Compressor cycling is reduced, increasing reliability and efficiency, by designing each circuit to match the connected load. The number and type of compressors are selected to meet your redundancy requirements and load profile. Only select the capacity that you need.

Circuiting / Compressor / Capacity Control is Desirable for:


• When different load profiles must be met by a single piece of equipment


• Several modes of operation are required


• Seasonal impact results in significant variations in the cooling load profile


• Mission critical applications where redundancy must be built in

All hardware, software, and network communications can be customized for optimal use. Control algorithms can be developed for unique conditions, special modes of operation, or to customize the operation and provide better control over your refrigeration needs. We can accommodate your specifications and build equipment meeting all aspects of your control system design, including specific hardware requirements. Need the equipment to communicate over a particular networking protocol, we can make it happen.

Custom Controllers, Algorithms & Protocols are Desirable For:


• When existing controller equipment must be matched (i.e., Allen-Bradley, Carel,

   Danfoss, CPC or other control hardware)


• Match existing communications platform (i.e., BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, etc.)


• Equipment must meet tight capacity ranges or temperature limits


• Hot gas bypass or cold ambient applications require special modes of operation


• Custom switches, latches or other interface hardware is required

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Meet the Owner

Michael has over 25 years of experience in HVAC and Refrigeration industry.  Twelve years as an application engineer with Carlyle Compressor, a Division of Carrier Corporation, four years as an Account Manager and Application Engineer with BITZER US and four years as the Application Engineering Manager for Carlyle Compressor.


He currently owns Eagle Bay Refrigeration that provides custom HVAC and Refrigeration equipment and engineering consulting services.


• BS Mechanical Engineering, University at Buffalo



Michael has the unique background of being born in the Bronx but moving to a dairy farm when he was eleven years old.  He brings the unique perspective that being a kid in the Bronx can provide, and integrates this with a strong work ethic and passion that growing up on a small dairy farm provides.  Although Michael lives in the city of Syracuse, a much smaller city than where he comes from, he still has ties to farm life with both a younger brother and sister that live on dairy farms today.  Ironically, Michael is now serving the farming community by bringing unique energy savings technologies to dairy farms in Upstate New York.


Michael Collins and his family, 2017

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